Ballet: Ballet classes include barre exercises, center, stretch and strength, adagio, and allegro work. Classes focus on both the physical and intellectual understanding of how and why each movement should be executed. Ballet students advance through a carefully developed curriculum designed to teach students the highly technical language of ballet, emphasizing correct alignment, strength, flexibility, balance, grace, focus, discipline, musicality, and self-expression. Ballet is part of a core dance curriculum and is recommended for all dancers.

Jazz: Jazz is an energetic class that challenges students with many different forms of jazz techniques. Classes include warm up, core strengthening, stretches, center work and across the floor turn and jump exercises. Proper alignment, balance and technique are taught in a fun and encouraging environment. Classes typically end with progressive dance combinations.

Lyrical: Lyrical dance combines technical elements of ballet and jazz while concentrating on freedom and fluidity of movement. Lyrical is influenced by the expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary, and modern dance. Classes focus on stretch and strength, subtle and dynamic expression and conveying musicality and emotion through properly aligned movement. Students are encouraged to explore emotion and individuality in dance through freestyle/improvisation and performance of lyrical choreography.

Hip Hop: Hip hop is a high energy form of dance that has developed from funk, soul, and street styles of dance. All classes will be progressively challenging working on strength, stamina, isolations, synchronization, and technique. Hip hop is a fun and exciting class taught in a positive environment that encourages dancers to not only improve technique, but to engage in freestyle/improvisational dance and build confidence and performance style.

Tap: Tap is an energetic form of dance that focuses on rhythm and percussion. This class develops the elements of tap dance vocabulary, musicality, and individual style; while encouraging tap dance as a contemporary dance form. Emphasis is placed in coordination, clarity, rhythm, timing and phrasing.

Contemporary: Contemporary is built upon the foundations of modern dance, with a focus on self-expression and musicality. Classes emphasize rhythm, design, shape, and motion in space with a deliberate use of gravity. Classes focus on rhythm, syncopation, musicality, heavy and weighted movement, and applying technique to self-expression and musicality. Dancers are encouraged to explore freestyle/improvisation as well as creative freedom in contemporary choreography.

Musical Theater: Musical Theater is a fun and energetic class that is centered on performance quality and acting. Using music from Broadway musicals, movies, and various shows, this class helps students develop theatrical qualities in their dancing. Focusing on translating emotion, portraying a character, and cultivating stage presence, Musical Theater is a great class to expand a dancer’s performance skills.

Stretch and Strength: This class is designed to help dancers improve their strength while also enhancing their flexibility. Using conditioning exercises that target key muscle groups used in dance and stretching exercises to improve flexibility over time, this is an ideal extracurricular to any dance class.

Progressions, Leaps, &Turns (PLT): This class focuses purely on technical progressions across the floor and exercises to improve turns and leaps.

Tumbling/Acro: Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique, and is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, & strength.

*Tech Classes, PLT, and Stretch and Strength are NOT recital classes.